My fascination with everything Maya has its roots in their religion, belief systems, works of art and iconography. On a separate but related track, the more fundamental current in my life is the integration of science and spirituality.

For many years I have maintained several large databases in the areas of the formal and social sciences and spirituality. Wanting to share the intelligence, insight, wonder and wisdom they contain, I invite you to visit my new blog. 

Love and Light Greetings

Inspirational insights in science and spirituality provide pathways to human and planetary flourishing. They lead us from chaos to truth, beauty and hope.

My intention is to provide words and images that will inspire, inform and encourage you to meet the challenges of the day with love, perhaps playing a part in the transformation of consciousness from separation and fear to unity and love.

Without charge or solicitation, these quick-read nuggets of substance—quotes, appreciations, information clips, poetry, anecdotes, good news stories—will feature the perspectives of lovers, artists, scientists, social engineers, poets and philosophers illustrated with my photographs.

If this interests you, check it out.

David L. Smith

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