The Novels

As I read the book (Jaguar Rising), I felt I was there in the Mayan world. I couldn’t stop reading. I couldn’t wait to find out what happened next.
Laura ( reviewer)

One night, after decades of reading about ancient Maya beliefs regarding the soul and rebirth, I wondered what it would be like to follow a single soul’s progress through three Classic Period incarnations. That question was the impetus for these stories. The word “Jaguar” in the series title is a metaphor for “soul.” To make the experience more authentic for readers, I included Maya names and vocabulary. Each book contains a map and a list of characters up front with a glossary in back. The stories are shown in order here, but they stand alone.

Jaguar Rising: A novel of the Preclassic Maya
Approaching initiation into manhood, Fire-Eyes Jaguar learns that he has inherited royal blood. The prophecy given at his birth requires him to prepare for a life of privilege, perhaps to rule. Must he choose the path of his blood or can he follow his heart—the way of his uncles who are builders and artists? Set in Belize and Guatemala between 35 BCE and 5 CE, encounters with rulers, tradesmen, and potential marriage partners combine with shamanic rituals, trials, and betrayals that challenge the young man to look within for answers. The hieroglyph on the title page reads “His white flower is born.” In the inscriptions, the ancients referred to the soul as a white flower.

Jaguar Wind And Waves: A novel of the Early Classic Maya
The Lord of Tikal, Great Jaguar Paw, sends his third daughter to marry the son of one of the lords of Teotihuacan in Central Mexico in fulfillment of an alliance. Her birth prophecy said she would battle a mighty demon amidst “powerful winds and waves.” This is the story of that struggle and her rise from the abyss. The demon turns out to be her husband and his destructive methods for seizing power. The story is set between 378 CE and 400 CE, the period of the Teotihuacan (Mexican) intrusion into the Maya lowlands. Featured sites include Tikal, Uaxactun, El Peru/Waka’ in Guatemala, and Teotihuacan in Central Mexico. The glyphs on the title page read “In water she is purified.”

Jaguar Sun: The Journey of an Ancient Maya Storyteller
In 7th century Guatemala, an aspiring storyteller joins a merchant expedition when the nature of warfare was changing from the acquisition of “honor,” to war and the regulation of trade routes as rulers vied for power. With fear gripping the lowland cities, Wakah Heron tells stories that inspire hope, courage, and self-determination. Out of step with the times, he attracts few listeners but persists, confronting the battles that rage within him. Is there a rightful place for him in the world? To answer, he must first discover who he is.

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